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Which Puget Sound Island Is Right For You? Here’s the Breakdown

The remarkable beauty of Puget Sound is no secret. From the gorgeous San Juan Islands to the lovely elegance of Bainbridge Island to the exceptional charm of Whidbey Island, the region is filled with stunning vistas of the Salish Sea, spouting whales, and lush evergreen forests. Picturesque and tranquil but with proximity to one of the largest, hippest cities in the nation, living in Puget Sound is downright incomparable.

And yet, if you’re intent on living in the area, you may be thrilled with the great number of options but also perplexed about the best place to invest in a vacation home or a primary residence. If this sounds familiar to you, you’re in the right place: acclaimed Washington real estate agent Mike Konopik has helped innumerable people find the perfect Pacific Northwest residence. Read on for his explanation of the most desirable Puget Sound neighborhoods.

Whidbey Island

Situated 26 miles off the coast of Seattle on the northern edge of Puget Sound, Whidbey Island is what dreams are made of. The largest island in Puget Sound,, Whidbey Island boasts an abundance of flora and fauna, from a large collection of deer to plentiful bald eagles and splendid forests full of old-growth trees, not to mention whales! Crabbing and clamming are popular activities.. Its 168 square miles offer the ideal blend of rustic countryside and sophisticated coastline–attributes that have turned it into a leading tourist destination and place of residence.

A large part of its appeal — for locals and visitors alike — is the leisurely pace at which it operates. The Emerald City may be near enough for shopping extravaganzas and nights out on the town, but people come specifically to this island for its laidback ethos and the emphasis it puts on nature–a great place to relax and recharge.

This doesn’t mean that Whidbey Island is in any way lacking when it comes to dining, art, and shopping; quite the opposite, in fact. Living here, one can rise early for a cup of coffee and a handmade pastry at the Little Red Hen Bakery and Espresso in Coupeville — a sweet little cafe that offers exquisite views of Penn Cove — before strolling across the town’s timeworn boardwalk and searching out the sight of Mt. Baker in the distance. After spending the day hiking along the shoreline, you can peruse the boutiques that flourish on the streets of Langley in South Whidbey Island, all while imagining the past the area witnessed while gazing at the Saratoga Passage. For dinner, why not try Gordon’s on Blueberry Hill, a fine dining establishment with an array of locally-sourced produce and seafood, like charbroiled steelhead with a pomegranate glaze or Penn Cove mussels in a rich coconut broth.

Whidbey Island combines the best of worlds: ample open spaces and understated luxury.

Whidbey Island real estate matches this principle. Here, you are just as likely to find a cozy, artistic bungalow without a stranger in sight as you are an extravagant waterfront estate outfitted with multiple rooms and high-end touches. A perfect fit for those who want to mix serenity with style.

San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands represent a chain of 170 verdant, enchanting islands; San Juan Island is one of the four largest among them, along with Orcas Island and Lopez Island. Home to fewer than 20,000 people, this gateway to the archipelago is noted for its warm and inviting small-town feel and the staggering views it provides of the Salish Sea and the Orca whales who call it home.

San Juan Island is a breathtaking, refreshing mix of vibrancy and peace. The county seat of Friday Harbor — which welcomes the ferries from Seattle and Anacortes — booms with energy. Here, you will discover a range of one-of-a-kind boutiques, delightful coffee shops, and first-class restaurants, from the cozy and captivating Backdoor Kitchen, which draws inspiration for its menu from local purveyors, to Coho Restaurant, a gem of an eatery, located inside of a beautifully-restored Craftsman, that underscores San Juan Island’s mesmerizing, historic feel. And when you’re in the mood for an intimate meal? Look no further than Duck Soup Inn, which offers scenic views and classic Pacific Northwest fare.

For those who are keen on living in an enclave with a thriving arts scene, San Juan Island may be just right for you. Its bountiful natural beauty serves as a muse to the region’s impressive list of artisans, whose works dot the walls at any one of the island’s world-class art galleries. Friday Harbor also boasts the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, the San Juan Historical Museum, and a lively community theater that frequently features standing ovation-worthy performances.

San Juan Island real estate is as unique and varied as its residents. You’ll find gorgeously-outfitted cabins hidden within the woods, single-family dwellings on large plots of land, and extravagant waterfront mansions with unending views of the PNW’s splendors.

All in all, San Juan Island is ideal for a quiet but no less community-engaged lifestyle. One of its best traits? It’s also extremely walkable.


Just across the water from the San Juan Islands glitters Anacortes: a family-friendly, well-heeled waterfront town located on Fidalgo Island. A perennial favorite with boaters (and boat builders), this pristine hamlet is often noted for its 220-acre city park, which prospers with greenery, secret pockets of silence, and dozens of trails. Between the hikes it offers at Mount Erie to its outstanding farmers’ markets, this is the ideal spot for those who love to savor time outside.

Like nearby Seattle — which is roughly an hour and a half away — Anacortes has a rich, eclectic, and exhilarating music scene. Whether you’re in the mood for jazz or rock and blues, one of the city’s many annual music events will surely please your senses.

Anacortes real estate leans toward the ultimate in luxury, featuring stylish island homes offering unforgettable views of the city, Puget Sound, and the San Juans. Anacortes and its surroundings provides residents with exceptional seclusion and privacy. And yet, the popular city also features spacious, single-family homes, adorable bungalows, and modern condominiums. This is a top location for those whose idea of the perfect life includes plenty of outdoor adventures and sweeping water views.

Dreaming of Puget Sound Island living? Work with Mike Konopik of Compass Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island, San Juan Island, and Anacortes all have grace, beauty, and elegance in common. And yet, each region has a distinct vibe that is best understood if you experience it in person with a sharp local real estate agent by your side.

Mike Konopik is the expert to call when you’re ready to start exploring the jewels of Puget Sound Island real estate. The second-generation Washington real estate agent is known throughout the Pacific Northwest for his intelligence, market savvy, and winning personality. Book a consultation with him today to discover the Puget Sound home that will bring you lasting joy.

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