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Staging Tips for Your Whidbey Island Home


As the largest island in the Puget Sound archipelago, Whidbey Island has carved out a glowing reputation for its tremendous tranquility, charming ethos, and sweeping views of the Pacific Northwest’s singular beauty — splendors that have likely left an indelible mark on you while owning a home on this one-of-a-kind isle.
Now the time has arrived to give someone else the chance to enjoy your home, and your Whidbey Island real estate agent has urged you to stage it. It’s a smart, even necessary strategy: The National Association of REALTORS® reports that staged homes can sell up to 30 times faster than comparable homes that haven’t gone through the staging process.
You may be exceptionally fond of your home and know it’s gorgeous as is, but staging moves beyond pure aesthetics and employs certain techniques that can persuade a prospective buyer to make a purchase offer. Keep reading for Whidbey Island real estate agent Mike Konopik’s counsel on transforming your home for the market.

Separate your emotions from your staging tasks

Selling a home overflows with excitement, but it would be unrealistic to suggest that it doesn’t arrive with a measure of nostalgia. The emotional attachment you may have to your home is perfectly understandable — and bodes well for sale: If it brought you and your family unspeakable pleasure, it has the potential to delight another individual or family.
Staging and selling your home, however, requires a healthy dose of objectivity. You need to see your home as an utter stranger would — and an utter stranger who is on the precipice of making a significant financial decision at that. What’s special to you may be sheer clutter for them, and the only way to mold your home for the market is to put your emotions aside and approach your property from an impartial perspective.

Depersonalize and declutter your space

That antique clock you picked up in Cape Cod, that stunning black and white photo of your parents on their wedding day, your collection of signed first editions — your personal items are surely meaningful, but leaving them in plain view may complicate your chances of receiving offers. Personal items are a solid, irrefutable reminder that a home belongs to someone else and prevents a buyer from picturing how it would look as theirs. Carefully pack and stow away photographs, art, and objects so that those who walk through your home during a showing can create their own emotional connection to your residence.

Assess your storage areas

Logic might suggest that you can and should stow your personal belongings in your attic, garage, and closets. A far wiser option would be to take your things off the premises. Why? Storage spaces are critical to home buyers, and a walk-in closet crammed with boxes will make it appear less spacious. Clean out each of your “concealed” areas, including your pantry, laundry room, medicine cabinets, and drawers, and keep what items must remain in excellent order.

Refresh your home’s hues

Wallpaper, outdated paint colors, furniture, and decorative pillows in shades that fell out of vogue years earlier — all these can make a home seem older and detract buyers from seeing your house as a “blank canvas” they can refashion to suit their style and preferences. Hire a professional painter to give your interior a major refresh. Soft colors in the neutral family are a popular choice for interior designers and expert home stagers because they’re universally appreciated and can immediately make your home appear brighter, larger, and more inviting. If you’re intent on an accent wall, opt for an on-trend shade like Pantone’s 2022 color of the year, Very Peri, a pleasing violet-blue that pairs well with Whidbey Island’s verdant forests.

Replace your hardware

Modern home buyers keep an eye peeled for particulars, and tarnished hardware — from doorknobs to drawer handles — can diminish your home’s allure and freshness. Search for contemporary metals and aim for a uniform look that will give your home cohesion and polish.

Rearrange your furniture

As you know, an enormous part of Whidbey Island’s appeal is its postcard-worthy natural beauty. The arrangement of your furniture should capitalize on this. Meaning, that sofa you have strategically placed to face your media center may need to be moved to draw attention to your living area’s windows and the views they offer. Be sure to obtain an objective perspective: an outsider may know the perfect way to change up your primary bedroom to showcase the image of your backyard’s ponderosas.

Evaluate your appliances

A home that is move-in ready has extraordinary appeal to busy, affluent professionals and investors searching for a vacation home in the Puget Sound islands, and this oftentimes also comes down to the quality and newness of a home’s appliances. If yours have seen better years, weigh the idea of replacing them with modern fixtures.

Weave in fashionable decor

Outlandish decor that overwhelms the innate structure of your home or might have a polarizing impact on buyers should be avoided. Chic, elegant decor, on the other hand, will leave a great first impression.

Invest in plants

Whether they’re areca palms or pots of orchids, hanging ivy or a lush ficus, plants enhance a home’s attractiveness like few other inclusions. They also play into the trend of bringing the outside in.

Hire a professional home stager

DIY staging can have a wonderful effect on your home, increase your chances of standing out from your competition, and help you lure in offers. And yet, the training, creativity, and skills professional home stagers bring to the table cannot be overstated. Besides, hiring an expert will free up your time and energy — and give you the bandwidth you need to start exploring a new home to purchase.

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