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Selling Your Home? Questions to Ask Your Whidbey Island Real Estate Agent

With its abundance of natural splendors and spectacular vistas of Puget Sound, Whidbey Island offers an incomparable way of life. If you’ve been fortunate to own a home in this Pacific Northwest enclave, you’ve probably created a host of memories that will last a lifetime. And yet, all things must run their course — and the time may have arrived to add your piece of Whidbey Island real estate to the market.

Your first step toward making a smooth and satisfying sale is to select a Whidbey Island real estate agent who will offer sound guidance and manage key negotiations. How do you select the right person for the job, though — and what inquiries should you pose throughout the selling process? Read on for Mike Konopik’s counsel.

How long have you worked on Whidbey Island?

Your real estate agent won’t just be selling your home: they will be selling the entire area and ought to have the knowledge and expertise to speak about it with confidence. Whidbey Island is a leading choice for investors and Seattleites on the prowl for a vacation home; these out-of-towners will undoubtedly have a series of questions about the region that your real estate agent should be able to gracefully and even effortlessly handle: from the best place on the island to score a delectable latte to the neighborhoods with the highest value retention. Search for a professional who has a well-established, superb reputation on the island.

May I see your portfolio?

The real estate agent you’re interviewing may have years of experience but a portfolio that doesn’t mirror it. What gives? All too often, people pursue real estate as a side gig or passion project; and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with this, ideally, you should work with someone who is dedicated to their career and has the track record to prove it. This will help ensure they will be able to give you and your home the time, energy, and commitment you deserve. When examining their portfolio, guarantee that they have sold homes in the same category and caliber as yours.

What is your commission?

It may be tempting to decide to work with a real estate agent with the lowest commission, but a consummate real estate agent inherently knows his or her value. It should be standard and fair and possibly modified for extravagant luxury properties.

Who are your connections?

This isn’t gauche or a test of a real estate agent’s popularity. Rather, it’s an important part of the industry. A stand-out Whidbey Island real estate agent will have deep connections within the building industry to ease the process of hiring contractors, electricians, painters, and stagers. They should also have solid connections with title companies, real estate attorneys, and lenders.

What are the comps in my area?

Understanding the comps in your region is essential for two primary reasons: It will reveal the depth of the real estate agent's knowledge of your community, and it will have a hand in arriving at the appropriate asking price for your home. Similarly, if the real estate agent is well-versed in the Whidbey Island real estate market, they’ll have a solid understanding of the most vital upgrades and renovations you should conduct to stand out from your competition.

What do you suggest for an asking price?

Your asking price is one of the biggest and most imperative decisions. If your real estate agent prices your home above its value, you might face trouble from several directions: It might push otherwise-viable buyers to the sidelines, cause your home to languish on the market, or lead a lender to refuse your buyer’s requested loan amount. Pricing your home too low can foster just as much exasperation and may lead to less money in your pocket. An ideal price is one that attracts multiple offers, which may then give you the opportunity to raise it or wait for a buyer to sweeten the deal with an above-asking price and minimal contingencies. Ultimately, asking a real estate agent what they would list your home for can speak volumes about their experience.

Who is your photographer?

Real estate marketing is an industry unto itself for a reason: 47% of prospective buyers initiate their home search online, which makes the images you post and promote downright crucial. A savvy real estate agent will work with a talented real estate photographer who is adept at capturing homes creatively, alluringly, and persuasively.

How do you market the homes you list?

The more eyes that see your Whidbey Island home, the higher your chances of receiving multiple offers. If the real estate agent you’re interviewing wavers at this question, you may want to keep looking. They should have the competency and skills — or a team behind them — to produce and promote marketing materials that captivate and compel buyers into action. Ask which platforms they use for marketing their listings, how your property will stand out on their website, and if they have any novel strategies to reach foreign investors.

What renovations should I make?

A terrific real estate agent will have a solid understanding of the most important renovations you need. They might also suggest a pre-listing home inspection and can easily refer you to an expert who will provide you with a meticulous and candid report.

When will you list my home?

Timing is indispensable in real estate. If a real estate agent lists your home at an inappropriate time, you may watch your home sit on the market, which can undermine your leverage during negotiations. They will have a clear date in mind that’s based on trends in the local market and also takes into account broader economic events.

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